Renting of machinery

We make easy to invest 100% of your time on your business, ensuring that your compressed air needs are covered as easy as the electrical power, water or phone.

Customized service all included with significant operational, economic and tax advantages:

  • Fixed fees and no initial outlay. Absence of variable costs.
  • Appropriate equipment and in good working condition all the time.
  • Adapted to technological changes and evolving of your business.
  • Eliminates risk of obsolescence.
  • Rents 100% deductible as an expense.
  • No immobilized resources into goods that require continuous renewal.


Pol. Ind. Berriainz, c/ A, 21-23
Tel: 948 302 462

Redin Tudela

Pol. Industrial La Barrena Nave 7
Carretera Zaragoza Km 97
31500 TUDELA (Navarra)
Tel: 948 302 462

Redin Euskadi

Sector Sapu I, Arriandi,
B-23 48215 IURRETA (Bizkaia)
T. 943 121 957 / 948 302 462