Our Company

About us

About us

Born in 1937, the Company was focus on automobile repair, with the time, evolved into the compressed air installation and maintenance.

Being its ascending performance in the automobile repair market, change the approach and begin its development in the industrial sector focusing the activity on sales and maintenance of air compressors and air treatment equipment.

Form 1960 the Company worked with several national and international brands of air compressors obtaining the exclusivity for Navarra and Basque Country of INGERSOLL RAND.

Due to its growth policy, in 2009 expands its services to air-conditioning and heating installations, having a wide and strong presence in Alava, Guipúzcoa, Rioja and Navarra Provinces.

Through the years Compresores Redín has been adapting its facilities to the requirements of the markets where it has been present historically as well as the development and growth of the company in emerging sectors.

Always with the idea of provide the most efficient technology to customer.

Our commitment

Our commitment

Compresores Redín considers CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as the core of its business approach; for this reason, our commitment is to offer a comprehensive service that exceeds customer´s expectative.

We develop our strategy based on the needs of our clients, whence we establish compromises as:

  • To introduce the company in a customer-oriented culture, which will allow us to know what their needs are and how to act on them.
  • Control customer service quality in order to take actions on improvement areas with the aim to achieve excellent levels of service.
  • Ensure that our human capital is trained and motivated, through training programs and evaluating their performance.
  • Develop an environmental policy based on:
    • Comply fully with applicable environmental regulations.
    • Continuous improvement of process to make them more environmentally friendly.

With these two principles, Compresores Redín is committed to prevention, protection and conservation of the environment.


Pol. Ind. Berriainz, c/ A, 21-23
Tel: 948 302 462

Redin Tudela

Pol. Industrial La Barrena Nave 7
Carretera Zaragoza Km 97
31500 TUDELA (Navarra)
Tel: 948 302 462

Redin Euskadi

Sector Sapu I, Arriandi,
B-23 48215 IURRETA (Bizkaia)
T. 943 121 957 / 948 302 462