Our commitment

Compresores Redín considers CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as the core of its business approach; for this reason, our commitment is to offer a comprehensive service that exceeds customer´s expectative.

We develop our strategy based on the needs of our clients, whence we establish compromises as:

  • To introduce the company in a customer-oriented culture, which will allow us to know what their needs are and how to act on them.
  • Control customer service quality in order to take actions on improvement areas with the aim to achieve excellent levels of service.
  • Ensure that our human capital is trained and motivated, through training programs and evaluating their performance.
  • Develop an environmental policy based on:
    • Comply fully with applicable environmental regulations.
    • Continuous improvement of process to make them more environmentally friendly.

With these two principles, Compresores Redín is committed to prevention, protection and conservation of the environment.


Pol. Ind. Berriainz, c/ A, 21-23
Tel: 948 302 462

Redin Tudela

Pol. Industrial La Barrena Nave 7
Carretera Zaragoza Km 97
31500 TUDELA (Navarra)
Tel: 948 302 462

Redin Euskadi

Sector Sapu I, Arriandi,
B-23 48215 IURRETA (Bizkaia)
T. 943 121 957 / 948 302 462