Heating and cooling systems

Industrial refrigeration

Whatever is your industrial activity, we offer you the cooling solution for your needs.

Our proven experience in the industry (cooling in particular) allows us to share your projects providing the most efficient and innovative techniques for your requirements.


Cooling towers

These are systems that chill water through evaporation.

The use of these equipment is associate with cooling systems both in air conditioning and cold generation.

In industry, these equipment are used for cooling of any part of the process that generates heat and must be dissipated.

Our team will advise you on the most suitable equipment and solutions for your facilities.


With an increasing demand, the coolers chill process water, using the ambient air temperature.

They are based on a water-air battery and high flow axial fans, which according to the demanded and exterior temperatures, bring great advantages if circumstances permits it.

  • Reduced investment and quick payback
  • Low consumption
  • Strong reduction of water loss

We have a wide range of models, configurations and controls to meet your needs with the highest efficiency.

Climate system

Its function is to provide the necessary conditioning air flow to climatize spaces.

For proper air conditioning, performs the following functions:

  • Renewal and clean air
  • Temperature Control
  • Relative Humidity Control

Our wide range of equipment allows us to offer the best solution for your needs in terms of cost, quality and efficiency.

Evaporative condenser

Today is one of the most modern and widely used refrigeration equipment in industrial sector for, in processing plants to save energy in their operations.

They have numerous applications and offer high performance.

Industrial heating

Trust us for your projects, support, supply and installation of your heating system.

Heat correctly an industrial space, results in important economic advantages for processes and comfort.

We are at your disposal to discuss your requirements. With the objective of reaching maximum energy efficiency, we analyze your energy use in order to find saving possibilities that may exist in their processes.

All this for minimizing the energy resources necessary for your activity.


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