Air treatment


The harmful effects of water in a compressed air system are usually caused by liquid water from condensation of water vapor in the air.

To prevent condensation must dry the air, to reduce dew point.

There are different concepts of dryers, and within them there are different types depending on the quality of air required.

  • Refrigerated Dryers: Condenses and removes water by a refrigeration system. Reach a dew point between 3 and 10 ° C.
  • Adsorption Dryers: Water vapor is retained by the desiccant material subsequently is ejected through a process of regeneration, and reach a dew point temperature of -40 º C -70 ° C.


The purity of the air required in the pharmaceutical or food industry is not comparable to that required in other industrial activities.

Each application requires an adequate air pretreatment.

Therefore we will advise you about the wide variety of mechanical and chemical filters, defining the optimum filters and location in the facility to ensure the requested quality of air.

Management of condensed

Of great importance, and regulated by environmental laws, are discharges of condensate fluids produced in any compressed air system by oils, chemicals and particles from the air.

The condensates are avoided to be treated as waste fluids due to the most part of them are water.

Our equipment of drains and manage of condensates guarantee:

  • High efficiency, at not using compressed air in its operation.
  • Respect the environment, removing harmful particles and oils.
  • Control and effective maintenance


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